Wednesday, August 10, 2005


You learn quickly as a parent that there are turning points in early childhood development, and when you make those turns you realize that a door closed behind you that will never open again.

Jackson is walking through the turnstiles right now on another of life's changes. Yesterday was his first day on "boxers." Using the pottie has been becoming more and more a part of his life. Despite a small period of rebellion that lasted about 2 weeks he has been taking to it well. Each time Jackson uses the potty he gets a sticker. 1 sticker for a #1 and 2 stickers for a #2. He has a sticker map on the bathroom door where he places them. For Jackson we chose airplanes and his map is a big sky shot with lots of clouds.

Daddy has kind of insisted on boxers. It took him over 20 minutes and 3 sales people to find the only option for boxers which Target had in a 4T size. Passed over were tons of options showcasing all of Jackson's favorite cartoons including Thomas. But alas I felt it more important to stick with what I want. The benefit here as well is that they aren't white. I mean come on. The reason why you move kids to underwear at this age is that you want them to have an accident and not like it. By taking away the safety net you force them to be more conscientious of what is happening. So in God's name knowing that why would you make them white?

Anyway, we are very proud of Jackson and he says he likes wearing them. Not to mention he likes to do everything himself and these are much easier for him to take off.


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

takes a while for the pics to load up in blogspot...

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Alice said...

Congrats to Jackson. That is awesome news. Aunt Alice and Uncle Aaron are very proud of him!


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