Monday, September 26, 2005

Well another year has past and another Oktoberfest has come and gone. The holiday I love for many reasons. Also the holiday I was trying find a way to celebrate myself, at my home, when my wife's company and the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City went and did it for me on a large scale.

Then there was this year. This year I got to be a Bar Tender. (Insert your own devilish laughter here.)

Did I mention I was a bartender at the Warsteiner Wagon. The beer I love and drink all the time. Did I also mention that they let us drink beer while we worked. Did I mention that I got a free stein and a shirt. Finally, did I mention this was like a flashback to when Norm from Cheers got hired as a beer taster. There was just something very wrong, yet oh so right with it happening.

And yes, as someone fond of all things Germanic, I pontificated on high to my inebriated congregation in butchered Germanglish on my opinions about how great this all was and how thankful they should be to drink of something so great.

My typical response when asked what kind of Beer we served: "We have all 3 kinds - Great, Even Better, and Outstanding! Which one can I get you?"

My typical response when asked what we served that tastes like Bud light: "Not a God-damn thing."

Yeah...I had fun.


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