Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend Update

First off, congratulations to the Illini on going 2-0 so far in this year. I realize it was non-conference and San Jose State is no Goliath, but this team needs to build on some success. I am very excited to see the kind of numbers they put up as well as the fact that this coach can change off his game when he is up against a team that thinks they have figured him out.

Second and most important, we were blessed this weekend to have my brother and his friend come visit us. We have been hoping for some time to meet and spend time with Valerie. With everyone's schedule this has been tough. This weekend we finally made it work and had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Valerie is a wonderful girl and Jackson really appreciated having Uncle Keiff around to play with.

We are also proud that we were able to arrange an on-site visit for Keith to meet with someone and see St. Paul's. Keith is considering entering their Master's of Divinity Program and spent Sunday on the campus before heading back to St. Louis.

Finally, last week I said that I would be running on the field after the Rutgers game. Well from a picture I found on Illinois Loyalty's website, it looks like I wouldn't have been alone.


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