Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Yard Update

These photos are of the latest yard improvements we have made on our ever eternal quest at beautifying the ugly. Our goal is to have a low maintenance landscaped yard that will increase our property value.

This is our most recent addition. This corner has been the eye sore of the front yard since we moved in. First we had mud, then city construction in the street ruined any hope of growing something here, and then there was a failed attempt at this without the wall and using mulch that was a horrible failure. So, I excavated this down to where it was level, built the retaining wall, and filled it in with rock. In addition to the soil damage, this spot gets direct sun all day and falls outside the reach of my sprinkler. So this is an abandonment of any hope of growing something, and the rock over plastic on clay will hopefully keep out any weeds. Although there will be something I'm sure.

This side of the garage is done until Spring. I removed the window from the garage, reframed it and boarded it in with 3/4 inch plywood. The lattuce work will support a climbing vine we plan to plant early next Spring, and we are open to suggestions there so comment if you have one. The day lillies and wild grasses planted along the side are thin due to 14 straight days of rain and late planting. There is also a small bush on the left which flowers in the winter.

This photo is another reason why I am pissed we have had 4 straight weeks of upper 90 degree weather followed by 14 straight days of rain!


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