Sunday, August 21, 2005

Chief's Fan

Saturday night week took Jackson to his first NFL Football game. Michelle was given some tickets as a thank you by a fellow employee that won them at the company picnic. We would never have been eligible for these because of her position, and a friend of her wanted to thank Michelle for all she had done for her in the past. So this woman gave up her tickets so we could go.

Section 135 is about at the 35 yard line, and Row 41 is the last field level seat available. Anything in Arrowhead on field level gives you an excellent view. Actually, just about every seat in Arrowhead gives you an excellent view. I felt this was important because in taking a child to a sporting event the first time you want them to be able to see it without effort. This is important because if they can't see it - they won't maintain interest - and at that point its a lost cause on several fronts and you sink into a parental hell.

So when Michelle told me we had these seats, I started pushing the idea of taking Jackson and making this a family thing. As it turns out, this was a great idea. Jackson had a wonderful time and was the hit of the seating section. We had bought him a Chiefs jersey a few weeks before and he wore it to the game. The excitement of the game got him wound up. He cheered, danced, and especially loved telling everyone when the team got a first down. He is a natural tomahawk chopper and Jackson also made several high five friends. I think his favorite part was the kicking though; field goals, punts, or extra points - just seeing the ball get kicked through the air. It also helped that the goal posts were yellow (Jackson's favorite color).

Just grasped just about every major part of the event except the teams name. Some how he got it in his head that we were going to Jesus. Chiefs / Jesus? I guess they kind of sound the same? Anyway, he kept asking me throughout the game which player was Jesus. I would tell him that Jesus was up in the sky and he would get a little fluster because we were under the overhang and couldn't see straight up. I kept explaining to him that it was the Chiefs we came to see, but bless his soul he was determined to see Jesus.

We left at half-time, which was also Jackson's bed time. On the way home we stopped for ice cream and treated our young football fan. Jackson obviously carried the luck of the team with him. When we left is was 10-0 Chiefs. When we got home the game had turned around and the Chiefs were loosing 24-10. Oh well. We had a great first half and so did Jackson.


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