Sunday, August 14, 2005

H&R Block Company Picnic

Saturday we went to the H&R Block company picnic. This was held at the National AG Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs, KS. (

This is one of Michelle's key events of the year that she has to coordinate. That means Jackson and I attend as guests on our own. Between the rain we had this weekend and the nap factor we decided to get their early and leave early. This worked out well because Jackson was dead in the truck driving away and we left just before the monsoon arrived.

This is the second year they have held this here and Jackson loves the place. A tractor pulls you in a wagon from the parking lot to the site, their are tons of games for toddlers, you get to eat in a big red barn, there are acres to run around on, an old Caboose sits on track there that you can explore, and best of all - there is a small gas powered train that runs around the property on 14" track that kids can ride in. The train has its own station and there are engineers that drive the train and work with the kids.

So yeah - We rode the train a lot. It takes you around "Copperhead Curve," over a bridge overlooking a large recess, under the walking bridge pictured here, and then through a tunnel!

Jackson had a wonderful time and was terribly well behaved. He even pottied like a big boy and had no accidents! We have heard that Christmas time there is really neat, maybe we will have o come back?

There are a few more pictures posted in the photo album.


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