Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Don't Make a Mess Dad

It is custom in our house that I am the first one up. I shower, get dressed, and then go get my son ready while my wife is preparing herself for the day. She then takes him to school.

This morning I was not alone in my morning ritual. My suspicions first came when I thought I heard little footsteps as I was getting my coffee. Then confirmation came when I was shaving and spotted two bright eyes peering at me out of the darkness of the hallway.

After exchanging morning pleasantness my son agreed to only join me in the bathroom if it was understood he would not be taking a shower too. Contract in hand the Energizer Bunny hopped into my day, handed me his diaper - which he had been carrying with him from a previous adventure, and proceeded with his customary assault of questions relating to whatever you are doing at the time.

We finally agreed that it was time for Daddy's shower and that Jackson would watch from the toilet seat where he would remain standing. I mention this purely for the understanding that in order for us to maintain our dialogue, and Jackson his toddler security, one of the two shower door panels must be left open while you are showering. (oh what fun!)

And as might be expected, as I was soaping down my girth some bubbles flung forth from the lufa and landed on the floor. This instantly became a moment of opportunity for my son who leapt down onto the floor - looked at the "bubbles," looked at me, and then looked back at the floor.

"You spilled bubbles Dad. You spilled bubbles on the floor Dad. You made a mess. Messes on the floor are bad. You shouldn't make messes on the floor Dad. You shouldn't spill bubbles on the floor Dad. You made a mess."

Oh well you know, so I just played along. "Yes son, you're right. Dad made a mess and that was bad."

Johnny on the spot Jackson then grabs the toilet bowl brush and says, "I'll clean it up for you this time Dad, but no spill bubbles on the floor okay. Okay Dad!" (Where does he hear this stuff?)

"Yes Jackson."

Jackson then proceeded to make sure the floor was bubble free. After which he turned to me in the shower and gave me his best smile saying,"Doesn't that feel better now Dad. Doesn't it feel better?"


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