Thursday, August 25, 2005

Swiss Flag Bearer

Last week we received a letter in the mail which stated the following:

Dear Swiss Flag Bearer,

While driving north on Holmes Road yesterday I saw the Swiss flag flying from what seemed to be the back entrance of your residence. As an officer of The Kansas City Swiss Society I was interested to know your connection to Switzerland and to know if you have been a member of our group or would be interested in learning more? I checked our membership roster and did not find your address.

If you are interested you might call or write and I would be happy to tell you about our organization of Swiss and Swiss related people. By the way, our website is


The Kansas City Swiss Society

So we are going to check these folks out on October 9th. The society owns 9 acres in eastern Kansas City. They have what they call their "chalet" on this property which is also where they have their gatherings? From talking to them on the phone it sounds like they are a social club which strives to maintain a cultural awareness.

If nothing else, this stands as an example of what being a geek in public can get you.


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