Thursday, September 22, 2005


My son's latest discovery is his pockets. Jackson has come to realize how useful pockets can be for carrying things. More precisely, and as Jackson refers to them, "My Favorite Things." As all kids do, Jackson carries around as many things as he can as he traverses the house, sometimes even asking Mom and Dad to assist in the heavy load.

The other day we had another oops incident where we didn't make the toilet in time. So as my son stood before me with rigor mortis so as to not upset the apple cart so to speak, he let me peel him down to the mess. When I got to his pants I started to unload the pockets. This lead to an interesting parental moment as I quickly found things I had never seen before.

Our smart little boy has discovered you can keep small toys there that are near and dear to you and that you wish others would not play with, as well as interesting little trinkets we find exploring our world.

Looks like we will have to start patting him down before we leave places in the future.


At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Valerie said...!! I have two that seem to fill their pockets with all kinds of stuff!! The trick is to catch the overloaded pockets before the clothes make it into the washing machine! Nick thinks it is funny if I shake out his pants with him still inside of them!! Ah...the joys of pockets!! :@)


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