Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Announcement

August 2, 2006

Dear Friends:

I am writing because I wanted to let you, and my other friends and family, know that I decided to begin practicing as a Financial Advisor with Waddell & Reed. After completing all of the licencing requirements, I began practing part-time in April and took on full-time responsibilities just this month.

Now some may be surprised to find me embarking on a financial career, and others may be wondering why it has taken me so long to cultivate this passion of mine. So let me start with a little background on my career. Beginning with my time in Military Intelligence I have always been personally rewarded with opportunities to engage my analytical side. From my experiences growing up in my family’s restaurant business, I have always appreciated the value of entreprenuerial experiences and the opporturtunity that those provide to engage the people you really work for in a personalized, trusting, and fulfilling way. My time in management, corporate finance, and achieving my MBA have given me a well rounded understanding of the business world and how to accomplish great challenges. But it has been my education and experience in personal finance that has always been my true passion. Waddell & Reed has helped me put this all together in a great profession.

So why Waddell & Reed? Waddell & Reed, based in Overland Park, Kansas, has been helping people make the most of their financial future since 1937. A premier financial services company, we are one of the nation’s most enduring mutual fund / financial planning firms. We offer our clients solid financial products, managed by Waddell & Reed investment professionals, within a personal financial plan. This approach, which is the company’s slogan of “Investing with a plan” was very important to me when I made my decision. This approach is something I personally believe in and have seen the benefits take fruit in my own life. As a compliment to this letter, I have included a recent article from Barron’s Magazine referencing Waddell & Reed’s success.

So what does this mean I will be doing? I will be supporting the concepts that Waddell & Reed has built its business on for more than 65 years. Specifically, I am now ready to discuss and implement a financial plan based on the following needs: Retirement Planning, Saving for College, Wealth Accumulation, Investment Planning, Business Planning & Employee Benefits, and Estate Planning Strategies.

As a further compliment to this letter, I have also included information for you to review on the benefits of financial planning. I encourage you to please review this information and consider the benefit it could have in your life. If you realize this as an opportunity that would benefit you and have further questions, if you know someone who has a need for planning services, or if you would just like to receive a copy of our Advisor Newsletter, I can be contacted at 913-491-9202 Ext 123 or on my cell phone at 816-523-8299. I look forward to your call.


Darin N. Shank
Financial Advisor
Waddell & Reed


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