Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Top 10 ways to know your 3 year old is Obsessive Compulsive

#10. When pillows must be stacked in a certain order every night before bedtime.

#9. When spots on clothing of any nature means immediate disrobement.

#8. When not driving home the same way every time can lead to a fit.

#7. When not following the proper buckling procedures once in a car can lead to an immeasurable fit.

#6. When one must hum Mmm - m - m - m - m - m continuously while chewing foods you really like.

#5. When hugging and kissing another person follow similar logic and principal as ancient Jewish Law.

#4. When you must duck going under every overpass on the highway to avoid hitting your head.

#3. When the cover over your gas tank cap of your car must always remain open.

#2. When all toilet paper must have the packaging removed and be neatly stacked in the cabinet.

And finally, the #1 reason you know your 3 year old is an obsessive compulsive is when you hear them speak the words, "I am the line leader, step back," when approaching every door.