Thursday, December 22, 2005

Top Ten Things Heard on the Floor at the Busch Braggin Rights Game between Illinois & Missouri

#10 Norm Stewart repeating that this series should feature a "let me win" rule every few years.

#9 "Brick!"

#8 I thought you were guarding Dee Brown?

#7 Quin Snyder's agent arguing strongly with ESPN to switch to alternate game coverage.

#6 "Hey ref, can we get a running clock?"

#5 No - I thought you were guarding Dee Brown?

#4 What zone are we in?

#3 Pass the popcorn please!

#2 Show Me the baseline!

And finally, the #1 thing heard on the floor of the Busch Braggin Rights game is:

"What can Brown do for you!


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