Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Adventures of Silly Bean

Just wanted to post this picture before anything else to thank Norma & Randy for their gift of the Georgia Scrubs. These were really cute and we love them.

So now, the Adventures of Silly Bean. Well, I'm sure you can guess who Silly Bean is on the first try so we won't go into that. But some of his anticts have been classics this week so I thought I would share.

The other day, Daddy & Jackson were left to their own demise for dinner and went to the grocery store together to gather what they needed for their "picnic" at home. Those of you with experience may begin laughing now.

Yes, Jackson wanted one of everything, and still wanted to carry the basket? Jackson also quickly learned the lingo of grocery store life. After denying him the occasional whatnot, he would repeat back to me, "No Daddy, we already have one of those at home," and reshelved my next selection? So when I convinced Jack that life would be better if I carried everything, he took that opportunity to release his magic unto the whole store.

Jack immediately seizing upon a yellow squash, which he used for what he calls his "pew-pew." For the neophytes in the audience, a pew-pew is something our little terrorist picked up from watching action movies. Yes, sad and true, but a fact of life nonetheless. With his rifle in hand, our little soldier proceed to go on a search and destroy mission throughout the produce department. He maneuvered himself with stealth-like precision from island to island picking off unsuspecting shoppers who struggled with great effort to pretend nothing was happening. In the end they lost on both fronts.

Friday night Silly Bean had an uber-moment. After a wonderful evening of football and friendship Jackson and I stopped off on our way home to check on Momma after her season ending Softball game. They were tailgating in celebration of their split decision for one last hoorah.

Michelle has mastered the multi-functionality of "the blanket" as part of her tailgating skills. Not only does it provide comfort for the weary player who wants to sit it the parking lot, but it also provides excellent cover for the bladder weary female searching for relief of beer consumption. (Finally a reason for women to go two at a time?)

Well, in the middle of play with other kids, Jackson notices Mommy on screen duty for her girl-friend and goes running over to find out what is going on. The group of us immediately start laughing in anticipation.

When Jackson gets there, he looks behind the screen, appraises the situation, and immediately starts taking off his clothes to join in the fun. Michelle, who can't stop what she is doing without sacrificing the innocence of her friend, cries out for back-up. To which I of course yell back "hell no," because I thought this to be way to funny. So Jackson then, careless of any blanket, lets it fly for the whole world to see and draws the attention of all in the parking lot as to what is going on. It was a roar.

Finally, Doctor Shank (the Bull Dog scrubs) is sitting here with me as I post this piece. He has decided to get in the mood and play doctor. Yes I am the patient, and the tape dispenser on my desk is an endless supply of band-aids. Thankfully, our little doctor has covered the several dozen boo-boos on my face with the necessary number of band-aids so I will be okay. Thank God they didn't send a barber's smock! :)


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