Saturday, October 15, 2005


Friday was the "Bumblebees" class trip to the pumpkin patch, and as I indicated in the previous post Michelle and I went along as chaperones.

Jackson was terribly well behaved an had a wonderful time. The event was at the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead ( I have loaded pictures of Jackson's adventures in the Photo Album for you to see. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it as much as he did.

The funniest part of the day was on our way back to school. As chaperones we took Jackson's other car seat and another child with us. Ashton is new to Jackson's class and was very quiet. He and Jackson split a Granola Bar to finish their lunches. Ashton fell asleep on the way back to school with his head cocked back, mouth open, and a grip of life on the Granola bar. We couldn't decide if he looked more like a lounge singer frozen on the last note of a song with the granola bar as his microphone, or the Statue of Liberty. Regardless, it was a funny site.


Note on Dad. Darin's team took 1st place in the annual xpedx employee golf tournament at Teetering Rocks Golf Course. Darin contributed primarily with his iron work and putting. He hit 18 & 25 foot puts to save par on two holes and sunk a 12 footer for birdie on 17 to give our team a final score of 3 under overall. We each won a $50 Dick's Sporting Good's gift card. It was another beautiful day and we had a lot of fun.


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At 11:25 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

So does this mean you're holding off contacting Fr. Lancaster & Fr. Damien for now? Just kidding. Tell Jackson that Uncle Aaron & Aunt Alice said to behave:)


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