Saturday, October 01, 2005

Land Rover

My GMC Sierra is gone. Filling a large gas tank with expensive gas just to drive to work everyday is gone. The dent in the quarter panel and the cracked windshield are gone. The limited ability to carry multiple passengers is gone. The truck that I absolutely loved driving is gone. My ability to haul dirt, stone, and whatever else I need is gone. My son's so loved "Big Truck" and my wife's constant source of bitching material is gone.

And now we have:

This is are new (to us) Land Rover Freelander SE. It was Motor Trend's Sport Utility Vehicle of the year in this model year, 2002. We picked it up with just 38,000 miles on it

Everything is this truck is automatic except the seats, which are heated. Even the cup holders are automatic. It is a 6 cylinder and gets much better gas mileage than the Sierra. The Land Rover also comes with All Wheel Drive and the ability to change back and forth from a manual transmission to a stick. I was told this is a common feature in British made cars?

Of course we had to get all leather. The Sierra taught us quickly about leather and kids. I told the salesman not to even show me cloth unless he could guarantee us an aftermarket option. Everything you need to control this vehicle is at the fingertips of the driver. Its a lot of fun to drive. The Land Rover seats 5. I can even sit comfortably in the back seat (that was another test of the cars I looked at).

Finally, I just think it looks cool. So does Michelle, who now is already talking about borrowing my car. Hmmm?

But the best part of this vehicle is - Its an import that came with a 5 year / 60,000 mile warranty starting at current miles. That means I have a full warranty up to 98,000 miles on this puppy. We bought this at CARMAX. I couldn't believe the deal I got. They were the last place I went on my car shopping marathon, and they will be the first place I go next time. They even paid my taxes and requested my tags for me.


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