Thursday, October 27, 2005

49 and Holding

We recently purchased Jackson a wood-block jigsaw puzzle of the United States. This puzzle will teach Jack all the states, capital, state motto, state bird, and state flower. A lot for a 2 year old we know, but we are optimistic. :)

In playing with his new toy, Jackson put to use his future President skills with an executive edict. The piece of Wyoming has a Buffalo on it and Colorado's empty space has a train in it. Jackson Logic clearly states that buffaloes ride on trains. Its rule 175c if you need to look it up.

So, with Wyoming now clearly warmer and farther south, Colorado has been left to its own devices as to find it new place in our Union. Being a much larger state, and unable to adjust in this new political climate, Colorado has been removed from the United States. And thank the Lord too, because not having Denver in the mix will surely help the Chiefs win the Divisional Championship this year.

Jackson has become so adamant about this point, that he polices the puzzle regularly to insure his will is being enforced. To my obvious error I corrected the puzzle the other night after bed time. The next morning Jackson checked the puzzle within minutes of joining the living, corrected the change, drew it to my attention (actually shaking his finger for emphasis), and flung Colorado onto the floor. "The Buffalo rides the train Dad!"


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