Monday, January 23, 2006

Birthday Boy

Jackson fulfilled his lifelong dream over the weekend and turned 3 years old. It was a joyous time in which my son fully embraced the spoilage that is his life.

For 3 years old we had 3 parties. He had a party with his friends from school on Saturday morning at Chuck E Cheese, he had a party with the family on Saturday afternoon, and he had a party with our friends on Sunday afternoon. For the family party we decorated the house in full Thomas the Tank Engine splendor and Jackson had Engines everywhere.

At three Jackson has learned the art of opening presents (card first), expressing curiosity as to what the gift could be, exclaiming joy upon discovery of the prize, and holding the item up for pictures and show. All learned behavior and disgustingly decadent, but progress nonetheless. Jackson only had one moment in which he received a gift, didn't want to open any more, and insisted play time should begin immediately.

Thanks to all who came, gave, and shared of their time and Love. It was a wonderful weekend and Jackson will treasure it fondly.


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