Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Arnold Family Curse

The terror has struck again. The ongoing curse of inviting family to our home for an event has struck again. The curse which in times past has claimed the life of our waterheater, water in the basement, kitchen plumbing, and automobiles reared its ugly head last night.

With the advent of family coming for Jackson's birthday weekend, our heater went out. Did I mention its winter?

Michelle spent the night in the spare bedroom with the space heater and Jackson and I slept under the down comforter. When asked this morning how Jackson liked sleeping with Dad in Mamma & Dadda's bed Jackson replied, "Daddy snored a lot and it scared me!" Oh well, better than being cold I guess.

Turns out a windy night and a backdraft caused the government mandated carbon monoxide circuit breaker to trip "Saving our lives???" and all is okay now. To boot, we even finally got our thermostat to work correctly thanks to our friend and serviceman, J.J. Miller. But we still blame the curse. Timing should never be ignored.


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