Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I need a break

Sorry for not posting in awhile. The life and times of a rock n' roll star can be burdensome from time to time. And if I ever meet a rock n' roll star, I will remind them of that.

But I thought I would just lay out a few of the things we have going on these days.

Michelle has fully transitioned into her new role at H&R Block. She really didn't changes jobs as much as her job evolved into something new. Michelle has now severed her ties with the HR side of her job and grown the PR side. It was a great blessing, as is her relationship with Block. Michelle truly has one of the suitable roles anyone could ever want, and it just got better.

I am in the second to the last of my MBA courses. This is the hardest course to take in the program, its the Business Plan Seminar. My last course will thankfully only be only an elective.

I also joined a group of fellow Christians and started a lunch hour Bible Study group. We meet once a week.

Jackson is about to turn 3 in a few days and he can't wait. He is very excited and looking forward to his party.

We look forward to seeing everyone for the birthday celebration!


At 9:55 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

Looking forward to next weekend. Any gift ideas for J-man?


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