Monday, February 27, 2006

Jackson Wisdom

At three years of age, Jackson has started to formulate his view of the world. I thought I would share with you a few of the discoveries he has made so far:

1. Calculators double as remotes. Jackson will become quite adamant about when it is his turn to change the channel and you have the remote and he the calculator. Good slight of hand can deter a huge fit.

2. Dinner is optional. (And depends on the mood.) Prayer before dinner is not however, thank the Lord.

3. Daddy's Walkman, which is a Walkman Sport, velcro's around ones arm for easy of use while running. Jackson has determined that while wearing this he is a superhero and can communicate to all his cartoon friends.

4. Two hats are better than one. Jackson has taken to wearing his old and new Illini baseball hats at the same time. New one over old. Look over feel. Always inseparable.

5. Boxer shorts are better when worn backwards. Life is all about making your own mark. Jackson is very particular about this. He also wants to start wearing both socks on one foot, but I won't let him. This morning I heard the words, "Daddy, can we just try it."

6. There is no sense in doing something if you can't count down from 10 first. Oh and by the way, the next number after 10 is 0.

7. Cartoons are real people.

8. Prayer before bed makes Daddy happy and keeps one up longer.

9. If you put your hands over your ears you can hear the inside of your head. Try it - it works!

10. Jumping is a measure of manhood.

11. Please works really well when you remember to say it.

12. Weight lifting is a great way to go to the doctor. Jackson tried to pick up Daddy's weights and dropped a 35lb plate on his foot. Went to the emergency room. Got x-rays, 2 suckers, 6 stickers, and tons of attention - well worth the pain.

13. Life stops after dark.

14. The best part of going to the bathroom is flushing it all down the drain.

15. Picking out relatives from pictures is cool.

16. Singing at the table while your parents are talking is a great way to draw attention to yourself and irritate your parents.

17. Correcting your parents word choices is a sign of equality.

18. Highway driving lets you see everything in the whole world.

19. If life came down to one food it would be Chocolate Milk.

20. Finally, "Are you silly Jackson?"... "No Dad, I'm nuts!"


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Aaron said...

I actually pulled the remote/calculator switcheroo on Spencer once. I thought it was pretty funny until he somehow managed to turn to channel pi.


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