Thursday, September 27, 2007


This past weekend was the annual KC Oktoberfest celebration (sponsored by H&R Block). Mommy usually coordinates this event but had a break with maternity leave and turned it over to others. Daddy did his normal stint as a bar tender on Friday and Saturday night in the Warsteiner wagon. Sunday was our day to have the house cleaned, so after church, we went back down to Crown Center and had a family day out. So I thought I would share some pictures.

A rare photo of Mother and son.

The Bier Garten.

We had a moment of insight and let Jackson bring his swimming trunks. On what was arguably one of the last hot days of the year, Jackson got to run through the fountains in Crown Center to cool off. He had a blast!

The people's platz.

The inflatables area.


The Entertainment was a major feature this year.

Jackson loved the Dragon ride.

Helicopter pilot Jackson.

Fear, for the first time. But afterwards, that was "so cool!"

It's all good now.

This is how Zoe experienced the whole day. God Bless her.


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