Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tastes Like Chicken

This weekend we got a double dose of the big mouse. Two of Jackson's classmates had birthdays at CEC this weekend. One Saturday and one Sunday.

Being as that Jackson's last day at Learn N' Grow was Friday, we had decided that a double dose of his friends as a send off was not a bad idea. So we accepted both invitations.

After the first party, we had a bit of a fit because we put off having cake until there was no more cake. It was quite a disappointment for Mr. Jackson Sloan. He was devastated.

So, for the second party, Jackson made sure he was available for cake. Now, all the children were gathered round the table. They had sung happy birthday, passed out the cake, and all the mouths were quiet and working dilligently on their respective pieces.

It was in that moment of silent jubilation when our Jackson puts down his fork and announces to all in attendance that his piece of cake tastes just like chicken. After I got up from the floor from laughing, the young lady next to Jackson looked crossly at me for being so foolish and agreed that her piece tasted like chicken too. And so agreed the next child, and the next, and so on. The adults heard how the cake tasted like chicken nuggets, no chocolate chicken nuggets, yeah - chocolate chicken nuggets!

Everyone also soon agreed that comments like that is why they will miss Jackson. His charm and personality. We will miss those kids too. Jackson has great friends.


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