Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zoe's first boyfriend

Michelle and I had received word from Le Petite that Zoe had a boyfriend and treated it with the usual grace that you give when you hear anything sweet about your children. Then her teachers realling started making a point of mentioning it. Having given them a disposable camera to take pictures of her during the day, we challenged them to show us what they were so excited about on film.

What we had been told was that Zoe and Jacob really enjoyed playing with each other, would comfort each other when the other cried, had a habit of sharing "binkies,"and had just recently begun kissing oneanother.

Well, the pictures didn't dispute what they said. I didn't load all 30 of them onto the site, but I found these as some that would tell the story. I told them this morning that this was actually really great, because now I know what to look for in a few years.

Sadly, Jacob's last day at Le Petite was last Friday. His Mother's work schedule will afford her to be at home over the summer and they are moving. Zoe's teachers were a little worried she would be sad about the whole thing, but she appears to be handling it fine. I can testify that upon seeing the pictures herself, she got very excited and happy.


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