Monday, June 02, 2008

Alpha & Omega on the Field of Dreams

Congratulations go out to Michelle and her Softball Team for winning the gold medal in the KC Corporate Challenge Coed tournament held this past weekend at Mid-America sports complex near our home in Shawnee. This tournament is the culmination of year long preparation and league participation to prepare for "Corporate Challenge." The Block team won out in 6 straight games of this double elimination tournament and never trailed a team in any game. Rock solid defense and 5 very talented women all playing infield positions created the recipe for the perfect tournament. Go blockheads!

Above they are showing why they really play the game. Its all about the after party.

This is my son's first hit in a real game, which was going on at the same time Mommy was winning her tournament. As you can tell from the location of the ball in the shot, Jackson is one of the top hitters on his tee ball team and regularly pushes the ball into the outfield at practice. As you can tell from his stance, his batting coach has been very successful in getting Jackson to keep his back foot planted and step into the pitch. Not bad for 5 years old. (He doesn't even need the tee.)

Jackson is very proud of his Spiderman wrist band and like wearing it to play. He also likes his team name, "Orange Crush," a purely accidental and delightful name for his Illini fanatic father.


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