Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day

My son filled out the following questionnaire at day care and gave this to me for Father's Day:

My Daddy is 37 years old.
He weighs 500 lbs, and is 8 ft tall.
His hair is blond and his eyes are green.
My Dad loves to relax by laying down in the basement and likes to wear his grey shirt and green hat.
His favorite household chore is washing dishes and watching TV.
His favorite show is basketball. and his favorite song is Rock Band Song.
Daddy always tells me listen to teachers at school.
It makes him happy when I have green days.
When my Dad shops he likes to buy kinds of food like some sausage.
If he could go on a trip he would go to Hawaii and he would take Mom.
I really love it when my Dad buys me transformer toys.

He's the best!!!! I love you Dad!!
By: Jackson June, 2008

Now I love my son, and this was a joy to get. I would however, like to post a loving response to a few things:

I am 37, I do have green eyes. Though I am overweight, I am no where near 500 lbs. Also I am only 6ft 2in (but I look 8ft).

I do wash dishes a lot - to my wife's frustration many times. I actually prefer that to the machine - weird, I know. And the TV watching is done in the kitchen while I am washing dishes, not in addition too.

I do like to do experimental cooking from time to time, which takes me to the store. I also do use that as an excuse to keep us stocked with summer sausage and cheese. Jackson and I have been known to snack together sometimes.

Jackson took this survey during the NBA finals - the only time I watch NBA Basketball. Now Illini basketball; any time, any place...Oskee-Wow-Wow.

Rock Band Song is any rock song on the radio Jackson likes to dance too.

Hawaii? Yeah...., I don't know where that came from? But I would take Michelle.

Finally, its funny how the listening to the teachers and the green days at school kind of go hand in hand.


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